- Moment of Now -

. at 361° Associazione Culturale
. curated by Michele Albanelli

. Opening May 26, 2012, 7 pm
. Via Ofanto 33,
. Roma, Italy

Moment of Now at 361°Roma is an installation and event created by Raurouw (1) that addresses the phenomena of acceleration and condensation of time. RR inhabits 361° with a sequenced laser configuration that acts like a time measuring tool in space enabling the visitor to experience his own personal moment of now. In Moment of now every visitor is given back time that has been lost in the process of progress. Moment of Now is inspired by Hartmut Rosa’s ideas on “Beschleunigung” (2) which is addressing the paradoxes and contradictory tendencies arising with the time compressing processes of modernization. Current social acceleration as a result of a technical acceleration of transport, communication and production means make aware that “acceleration does not always lead to time saving but time shortage while simultaneously being seen as an answer to the chronic shortage of time. The increase in the speed of information transfer and the pace of life fulfill neither the prospect of more efficient communication nor the promise of a good life; instead they result in information overload, entirely new worlds of services and entertainment, and an exponential increase in non-realizable options.” (3)

It seems that the success of acceleration begins to undermine its own preconditions for continuity, a process alluded to by theorists such a Paul Virilio and Jean Baudrillard and identified by Ulrich Beck with the concept of “reflexive modernization.” (4)

RR is interested in the described phenomena of acceleration and condensation of time specifically because of its impact on human behavior and its social aggregate states. RR together with 361° is starting a platform of communication during the days of the opening weekend that continues for the time of the exhibition. 361°Roma being a library is the best place to give time for communication and knowledge exchange.

Call for participation - a program of open panel discussions is meant to mingle with the theme “Moment of now” and its paradox and contradictory tendencies being addressed - program will follow soon.
Amsterdam, 18th of April 2012

1) see what is

2) Titel of Hartmut Rosa’s book „Beschleunigung – Die Veränderung der Zeitstrukturen der Moderne“, Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft,
2005, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

3) Barbara Adam, Comment on Hartmut Rosas Paper “Social Acceleration”, Constellation Volume 10, No1, 2003, Blackwell Publishing,
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4) Beck, “The Reinvention of Politics:Towards a Theory of Reflexive Modernization” in Beck,
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